Kelli Shannon Photography | About

As a photographer, my vision has changed.  I am now focused on portraits!  It has taken me five years to feel the rewards of capturing a person's personality with the goal of telling their story in some fashion with those moments.  I believe photography is a combination of both artistic and technical skills, and, with time, a photographer will learn how to merge the two skill sets.  Finding our niche' and values will keep us true to our vision.  I love shooting people, whether it's a family, individual or a business shot.  

I am truly drawn to the moment when you know, as a photographer, that you have clicked  at that perfect moment and know that image will endure for a lifetime or perhaps have great meaning for a small period of time.  When shooting people, I look for that moment when they are just being themselves. Often, the best time to expose the subject's true personality is between the posed shots, when they are not thinking of 'looking good'. It's sneaky, yet works!

I first developed my artistic eye by photographing flowers and nature, which I still pursue.   I was also drawn to unique objects, patterns and experimenting with light.  I can't imagine I will ever come close to knowing everything I should know about photography so this passion of mine will last me my lifetime, for sure.  

What I would like is for my viewer to have an uplifting experience and possibly feel awakened and inspired in some form. Perhaps they will share the same sensations I felt when taking the shot.

Please contact me if you would like more information or are looking for a particular image. If you would like to purchase any of my images and need assistance, please contact me and I'll be happy to assist. Think big! Check out some of our ideas on the site's opening slideshow.

Thank you for spending the time to view my work.