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Sunset GlowSunset Glow   Bannick, MT, an old deserted gold mining town on the Grasshopper Creek founded in 1862-1920's. This rustic old cabin was captured at the perfect golden   moment.


20160923-IMG_515020160923-IMG_5150  The quaint old school house tells a story.  The original wooden desks with the iron carved legs remind me of the old Western movies from the 50's, and let's face it, that wasn't so long after everyone deserted this town in the 1920's.  History tells a story and visiting this shell of a town inspired my memories and imagination into a different realm. 




Old wooden desks sitting on original wood planked floor were lined up inside the old school house.  Many wooden floor areas were beautifully worn creating a form of art for the viewer.  



  School house and Masonic Temple - multi-functional!

Original Merry-Go-RoundOriginal Merry-Go-Round  When did merry-go-rounds become extinct?  How does childhood exist without this form of spinning entertainment? 




Autumn SceneAutumn Scene   Sweet little log home amongst the bright fall colors makes one wonder what living in this period was like.   Outhouses , no electricity, surviving in such a    remote area of Montana,  not always seeing eye to eye with the Native Americans, and encountering unscrupulous scoundrels, they had unimaginable  challenges.  What did they do when they couldn't text, "don't forget the bacon"!

Jailhouse 1Jailhouse 1  What nightmares are made of!  Imagine spending a winter in this cozy jailhouse.  Between the rattle snakes...oh yes, this is rattle snake country...severe cold, and who knows what else,  this is not the Marriott and let's hope the prisoners' stays were brief!  Check out the Solitary Confinement building below!


20160923-IMG_524720160923-IMG_5247  Yep, this was where the real bad boys would hunker down for a spell.  One tiny source of light and food was passed under the door opening.  


Old ChurchOld Church  Bannack's one and only church - a little different from today's church on every corner idea.  Such character and charm exude from inside these weathered logs and rippled glass windows.  Different than today's glass, these popular styles of glass, crown and cylinder,  were created using a glass blowing process, essentially making it impossible to create a smooth, uniform look.  Many homeowners today appreciate the authenticity of wavy glass windows contributing to the uniqueness and originality of the home.  Unfortunately, I was unable to photograph the windows up close.  Sorry for the bait and switch!


20160923-IMG_520720160923-IMG_5207  Taking healing liberties at the Bannack church.


20160923-IMG_518220160923-IMG_5182   "Let there be light", and lanterns made it happen.  Gathered by the window in Hotel Meade,  an electrician was wiring each one to be used in the movie, "The Ballad of Lefty Brown", being filmed in Bannack during our visit.  Check out the hats for actors' wardrobe.


 Hotel Meade had charm oozing from every corner and plank!


20160923-IMG_521420160923-IMG_5214 After the gold discovery, Bannack was the Capital of the Mountain Territory in 1864; short lived until title was moved to Virginia City.  Horse hitches, old wagons and authentic Old West buildings were scattered throughout the town telling a present-day reality story.  

20160923-IMG_522620160923-IMG_5226   This guy had a great view of the town.


  Simple, weathered and authentic.


  Wagon reproduction for movie prop.  Perhaps seat is only old part.

20160923-IMG_528620160923-IMG_5286 For those who want to read more about this Historical Place and State Park.



20160923-IMG_514820160923-IMG_5148   As it was and will be until Mother Nature and time take her away.

20160923-IMG_527220160923-IMG_5272  Picture Mildred sitting at the sewing machine keeping an eye on happenings on the street.  

20160923-IMG_523320160923-IMG_5233 The Bannack Outhouse...where many cold hours were spent.  


20160923-IMG_528120160923-IMG_5281   Fall yellow and oranges on the Grasshopper Creek.

20160923-IMG_529220160923-IMG_5292   Gotta love Montana open plains with harvest colors and undulating mountains.

20160923-IMG_529720160923-IMG_5297 Grasses, sage brush, pine and beauty abound!

20160923-IMG_527520160923-IMG_5275   This takes the term, Hand Made, to a different level than our meaning in today's world.

20160923-IMG_522920160923-IMG_5229   Still looking for that Gold!

20160923-IMG_513520160923-IMG_5135   Old logs and wood on a mystical day in Bannack.


  Inside Mildred's house.  Note the old miss-matched linoleum, and feeling of generations past.  

20160923-IMG_529120160923-IMG_5291 Leaving Bannack in search of the perfect "River Runs Through It" river!  Perhaps many of us would benefit by taking some time away from our modern day lives by stepping back 150 years.  Sometimes we don't know what we lost.   




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