In this series I explore the concept of creation at many levels. Driven by imagination, intuition and open to what my eyes see, I allow my inspiration to guide me. The ebb and flow of my subject materials evolve and morph into new creations. What was at first a normal ‘thing’, suddenly becomes something unknown, mysterious and inspiring in a soulful way. There is a continuity to the motion opening my mind to interpreting the nuance of every image as it evolves. I’m curious and I want to capture the images as they come alive and share this feeling with the viewer.

As an artist, I strive to stay open and unconstricted with my creative photography. Unlike my everyday persona, which can be more refined, detailed and constricted. I want to release control while in my creative mode and I yearn to stay in this mode as long as possible. I feel free and in a meditative state of mind. I prefer to use natural light and short focus to either embrace or highlight parts of my subject, as the element of surprise is what excites me.

I invite you to let yourself go and open your imagination to BEYOND CONCEPTION and hope you’ll stop by the gallery!

Works will be shown exclusively at the gallery during the month of August 2019.

The Method:

I create these images by setting up a glass dish suspended off a table so I may place various objects, color and texture between the table and glass dish.

Then with my Canon 7D, 100 mm, 2.8, 1-1 lens on a tripod over the glass. I start adding various things to the water in the glass dish, such as, oil, salt, ice, to name a few, and whatever speaks to me at that moment. I observe the movement and morphing of the subject matter as it goes through a metamorphosis. It is like an evolution and when I first started this series, I felt like it was showing me Conception at the earliest time. I felt molecules, cells dividing and shifting along with explosive elements at times. I think it’s important for the viewer to ascertain what they see since we will all see something different, based on our individual experiences.

I set up outside under a large tree and use natural light only. I wait for both the light and the materials in the glass to show me something interesting, much like watching clouds show us various forms.

When I mix these various materials they sometimes have a volatile reaction and at the same time in a different part of the glass, they may exhibit a very ethereal feeling. When I am in the zone snapping away, I move my camera where I see movement and change.

Under the glass, anything goes. I work with bright colors, as you can see by my images or I sometimes want a softer look and feel. There is a certain amount of texture that comes through and I am often moving and changing out my colors and objects under the glass. I truly feel like we are all partners and are collaborating in my creations-what’s inside the glass, what’s under it and me over all of it.

I very seldom use Photoshop. These images have been enhanced by sometimes adding more saturation or cleaning up some elements that distract, otherwise, very little is done to them.

Chaos in Harmony I

Artist Exhibition

“Beyond Conception”

ellison valencia gallery
This exhibition has ended. Please contact the artist for questions about the works displayed and availability.