the enchantment photography series by kelli shannon

The Enchantment Photography Series

The definition of “Enchantment”:   It’s a feeling of being attracted by something interesting, pretty, etc. : the state of being enchanted. : a quality that attracts and holds your attention by being interesting, pretty, etc. : a magic spell, according to Google definitions. That is exactly why I created the “Enchantment” Photography Series.  

Being inches away from this fascinating art form and feeling the creative changes and shifting the ingredients goes through is both unique and enchanting – it stimulates all senses with the anticipation of something extraordinary about to happen.   I felt Enchanted by the unexpected – the mood it created, the kaleidoscope of colors as they changed and shifted along with the movement and morphing of the objects – that is what contributed to the “anything goes” type of experience. One can easily imagine themselves as a voyeur while observing  and photographing these beautiful and interesting formations. For many observers, these tell a story and each set of eyes will most likely see a totally different storyline that speaks to them based on their life experiences.  

Where one might see a dog or fish, another may see an Angel or a mermaid.  It’s an individual thing and perhaps some may just see beautiful color and design elements. Most importantly, I wish for my viewers to see something that makes them happy and pulls them into my vision.  

While photographing this I was drawn to the serene setting and colors.  In post editing I take liberties to enhance the colors I like and clean up any distracting areas as needed.

Metallic paper is a perfect medium to showcase these images as it has a reflectiveness and depth to take the art to another level.  Another art medium is metal. I had five of this series printed on metal (12”x8”) and they are superb! Using a high gloss the finished product is fantastic and when they are hung on the wall with the Float bracket and saw tooth, they look somewhat like they’re floating.  

There are many ways to display these Enchantment Photography Series metals or metallics.  Clustering one size or by mixing different sizes, the effect can be awe inspiring!  I welcome comments and orders!


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