Genesis Photography Series

I was driven to create this series by a deep desire to delve into an abstract universe that is only somewhat imagined excites and feeds my creative motive.  The interesting and thrilling part of these creations are not planned exactly. I feel like they are a collaboration between photographer/artist and subject matter.  My part after I introduce the materials to each other, is to observe the light, movement and connection that evolves right in front of me. It’s an EW & AH experience! 

I love macro photography with my 100 mm, 2.8, 1-1, L Lens and this lens likes to be almost inside the ‘abstract universe’.  Think of watching clouds changing form and creating various recognizable shapes – one does have to have the imagination and openness to identify these forms, right?  That’s what I do when I’m in the flow. And, I know when the magic is happening and I’ve created a new series.

It really doesn’t matter what my images consist of, what matters is that you allow yourself to find something that is moving, delightful or crazy strange, in a good way.  I hope you enjoy my organic creations!

~ Kelli Shannon Photography

Available Limited Edition Prints From This Series:

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