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Magic Carpet Ride Photography Series

My Magic Carpet Ride Photography Series is my ode to growing up in the 1960s and the psychedelic art that thrived in that time.

“Red is hot and spicy, like standing too close to the fire. Orange is warm and smooth, a velvet curtain heated by the sun. Yellow is buttery and rich, like sunshine on your face. Green is earthy and comforting, the smell of fresh pine needles. Blue is cool and crisp, like dipping your foot in a lake in October. Purple is dark and rich, a baritone sax bellowing jazz. Brown is healing and ancient, the smell of earth on the forest floor.” – Riffraff3055

I lived through the Age of Aquarius during the 60’s iconic and popular culture of New Age Movement and hippie era. Part of the individual quest of the era was to “find yourself” and be real, even to the detriment of others’ feelings at times. It was an expressive and rebellious period with many protesting the Vietnam War and others just wanting to get high and find different dimensions within their psyche. “Cool” and “far out” were phrases used daily. There were kaleidoscope types of sensory experiences everywhere we looked. Illusions, Surrealism, Freudian and Jungian ideals were valued as well as psychedelic music, design and the subculture that resulted. It was a free-spirited, no bra, and create your own journey time.

I moved to Venice, CA in the late sixties and was very much in-tuned with this age and the song, “Magic Carpet Ride” made famous by the rock band, Steppenwolf, hence, the name of this Series. When these forms and colors created a realm of their own, I immediately knew that “Magic Carpet Ride” conveyed the Avant Garde type of movement of this poetic period. Many who lived through the sixties possessed a Renaissance type of behavior that was enhanced by the sheer number of hippies who were part of this movement.


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