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Spider Web Photography Series

On this beautiful morning, something told me to head on over to the Dallas Arboretum and take some shots of flowers and nature.  As I walked by a pond I looked over and saw a mass of spider webs delicately sitting on the tops of bushes with beautiful glistening drops of water that grabbed my interest.

As you can imagine, so much with photographing flowers and trees as I was smitten with the idea of capturing these delightful drops reflecting nuances of the plant life around them.  I set up my tripod with my 100 mm macro lens and waited for the light to hit my drop perfectly. And, boy did it! I spent over an hour immensely thrilled with my catch of the day. Even on a tripod, creating a perfectly focused drop of water can be a challenge so I moved here and there and just clicked away, all the while knowing I would end up with one of a kind images.  

What really moved me was the collection of drops all connected in a way and while a few are in focus, the background water is a mass of prisms and reflectiveness.  It was glorious to my eyes!

Then I noticed a dark hole in the middle of one of the webs so I waited for awhile and wasn’t disappointed.  This large brown spider appeared amidst the mass of water and web and I was able to capture just a few shots of it’s full body acting like the King of the Jungle. 

Every image is totally different and I feel that I will never have an experience like that again.  I hope you enjoy this artist taking pictures of another kind of artist – a Spider!

~ Kelli Shannon Photography

Available Limited Edition Prints From This Series:

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