Hanauma Bay

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Here’s the story of how I captured this shot while living in Hawaii. Hanauma Bay is world renowned for being one of the best reefs in the world so locals and tourists flock to this pristine bay. In fact, every day there are sunbathing bodies on the beach and snorkels and fins bobbing in the blue-green waters looking for all the treasures reefs have to offer.

This day was different. Not a soul was to be seen, yet there were footprints along the beach. So, I snapped away with the lens that was already on my camera, the 100 mm, 1-1, macro lens. This was not the lens I would have chosen for this shot…it would have been a wide angle so I could capture the whole bay area.

I went ahead and started composing my shot as I felt this scene was special and very unique that no one was on the beach. Muskrats and birds were enjoying the day and watched as I climbed up on the top of the hill to get my shot. I loved the way the footprints stood out against the beautiful water and dark reefs and felt at the moment I took this shot that it was going to be appreciated.

Are you wondering why the beach was closed and deserted? Once a month the box jellyfish mate and sometimes there are masses of them making it very unsafe to be in the water. A box jellyfish’s sting could make someone very ill and even lead to death. This event happens every full moon and I lucked out to be there on this day. The beach had to be closed and I was extremely lucky to have this phenomenal beach all to myself for several hours.

This image has garnered a first place award in a competition and has been published in a Hawaiian book. Each person could make up their own story as to why this popular resort was closed on a beautiful Hawaiian day.

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