Kauai Koi Fish

Have you ever watched a Koi’s movement in a pond? Their movement is so graceful and their colors are vibrant and happy colors. I must have taken 50 pictures before I finally captured these Koi in an interesting formation. Heads and tails in all directions, I tried to pan (moving camera with the moving object at a slow shutter speed) so that part of the fish would be in focus while their surrounding area was slightly blurred. I love this effect and this is my favorite image from that day in Kauai. I envision this visual very large on a wall in a hotel, restaurant, or office.

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About My Kauai Koi Fish

When I look at my Kauai Koi image, I can’t believe how this moment of capturing these beautiful fish is still just like the moment I shot them. They were swimming in all directions and I had my 100 mm, 2.8, 1-1 lens on the 7D camera while visiting Kauai. I lived on Oahu at the time and loved the weekend visits to this relaxing island. One of my favorite photography methods is panning. With a slow shutter speed, the photographer moves the camera slowly with the moving object. The goal is to capture part of the image in focus while leaving other parts in a blur. Fun, yes?

I took many shots to finally end up with one image that shows a small part of the fish in focus while at the same time trying to convey the motion and movement of the Koi. It’s very much like many of us humans going through life. We don’t always know which direction to take and sometimes we just move not knowing where we will end up. Sometimes we just have to go with the flow.

This would be fabulous very large in almost any type of environment. Whether it’s an office, hotel, restaurant or home, I feel Kauai Koi would add an impressive and soothing addition to the space.

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