Orange Tree

I Consider This My Tree

Right outside of my upstairs bedroom window my view is of this beautiful mature pecan tree.  I imagine it protects and speaks to me and crazy as it sounds, I truly feel that it belongs to just me.




Perhaps we are kindred spirits resonating at the same frequency and that’s why I feel so connected to this tree.  When the season changes, Tree changes color in the most magnificent way. One day this past fall, I looked out my window while reading in bed and couldn’t believe the soft, yet also bright yellows and oranges Tree was displaying just for me.  I ran and picked up my camera with the 50mm lens, 1.4, and stood high on my tippy toes so I could shoot down at an angle in an attempt to capture this gorgeous display. The overcast light made Tree look somewhat like a Gustav Klimt painting. I felt as though the leaves were changing and falling faster than I could shoot.  When I looked at my images, I noticed on this picture, there is one leaf floating down suspended in mid-air. This is one of my favorite images.

I decided to photograph Tree from the same spot and same lens each season showing all the changes it goes through.  Much like us humans, we all have our seasons all starting with a seed.  

Two days after I made this shot, almost all of the leaves were now ground cover.  Recently, I photographed Tree while a beautiful rain was falling leaving puddles and reflective surfaces.  This will possibly be added to this addition. This image would be magnificent on a large canvas, photo paper or even printed on metal.

If you would like to request a specific size, print type, or framing option that is not shown here, please contact me.