by Kelli Shannon

The Artist

“I explore the concept of creation at many levels. Driven by imagination, intuition, and open to what my eyes see, I allow my inspiration to guide me. The ebb and flow of my subject materials evolve and morph into new creations tickling my imagination. What was at first a normal ‘thing’, suddenly becomes something unknown, mysterious and inspiring in a soulful way. This is one of the many reasons I love photography.”

~ Kelli Shannon, Photographer

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the enchantment photography series by kelli shannon

The Enchantment Photography Series

The definition of “Enchantment”:   It’s a feeling of being attracted by something interesting, pretty, etc. : the state of being enchanted. : a quality that

Genesis Photography Series

I was driven to create this series by a deep desire to delve into an abstract universe that is only somewhat imagined excites and feeds